Seaham Waves Team

This is our family opposite, we spend many hours on our local beach. Which has resulted in our large seaglass collection. 

As you collect the seaglass you get inspired to make, based on the colours and shapes that you find. It is also the most addictive past-time that anyone can have, as you look to find a more interesting piece or an unusual colour or even  a multi-coloured piece of glass. 

We started out as a business last Spring (2011) - and are currently attending  local events and shows. If you run events and would like is to attend please contact us via the contact tab - many thanks.

We are self taught jewellery designers and both have a hand in the creative process, we both look for new and innovative ways in which to present the seaglass in an wearable piece of high quality jewellery. 

Denise & Gavin Hardy at Seaham Waves